We want to give everyone a fair chance to plan ahead and come down and play to a crowd – whether experienced or not. 🪩

We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and open environment for all new comers. 

Get your poetry, music and open mic needs met

With: Spooky Open mic

Get your poetry, music and open mic needs met

With: Rose Garden Rhymes

To celebrate the release of the second full-length Wheel Scene video, Footwork, we are having a little party. The event also falls on Scott Riddles’ birthday, so twice as many reasons to get together and have a good time.
The video will feature sections from:
Elliot Provan
Craig Anderson
Stephen Johnstone
Scott Riddles
David McNamara
Lewis Bowden
Dan Koss
Chris Duncan
Graeme Forbes
Scott McDonald
Come along.
Cheer on the boys.
Be merry

A spooky night featuring a set from The Plastic Youth, cold drinks from Inn Deep, and many prizes to be won.

Join our Boozy Brushes Sip and Paint Famous Faces Art Party! Enjoy Painting some of the Musical Legends from Throughout History!


Painting is a fantastic way to unwind, explore your creative potential and socialise with your friends or someone new. We want to show people that art is not restricted to a particular type of individual and learning new painting skills can be lighthearted, fun and therapeutic.

All of our classes are beginner friendly and are taught by a professional artist who will guide you through the painting process. You can also chose to show off your own skills and paint something entirely different should you choose to.

Help us celebrate turning 11 – details to come soon

poetry at inn deep’s 10th birthday featuring

Elaine Gallagher
Kevin P Gilday
Gray Crosbie
Leyla Josephine

Nasim Rebecca Asl

poetry at inn deep featuring Victoria McNulty

poetry at inn deep featuring Repeat Beat Poet? & Texture